Chalkboard Ch@t

Chalkboard Ch@t – An MPB Education Podcast, is a variety show providing information and resources for teachers, students, parents/guardians, and everyday people on various topics. From practical classroom discussions to field trip experiences, each episode features experts and guests shedding light on Mississippi’s education system, technology, interesting places, people, and more. Whether it’s learning something new, sharing information, taking a trip, or experiencing an aha moment, listening to Chalkboard Ch@t is like changing classes at school- you may go from history class to home economics, but there will always be something special on the slate. For more information:

Germaine Flood

Germaine Flood is the Podcast Host and Project Specialist for Mississippi Public Broadcasting’s Education Department. She has worked in radio for over 15 years and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication from Mississippi College. A true communicator at heart, she enjoys chatting with everyone she meets and looks forward to continuing her engagement with the community by utilizing her platform through MPB to help educate and inform listeners.

Tara Wren

Tara Y. Wren is the Director of Education at Mississippi Public Broadcasting. With nearly 25 years of marketing, advertising, sales, public relations, cooperate and nonprofit leadership and advanced education experiences, she uses her practitioner, educator, administrative and operational skills to help fulfill the mission of MPB, which is to educate all Mississippians.