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Slate Sessions 204: 5 Tips to Help Children Learning from Home with Kids First Education

Season 2, Ep. 204

Slate Sessions: 204 "5 Tips to Help Children Learning from Home" with Cellie Scoggin M.Ed, VP of Educational Services at Kids First Education. KIDS 1st Education LLC was founded on May 1st, 2020 by career educators, Chuck Poer and Cellie Scoggin, for the purpose of working with K-12 schools to improve outcomes for KIDS. Chuck and Cellie have worked together for more than a decade, leading teams of educators to make a positive impact for KIDS. They are joined by an experienced team of educational coaches and specialists with a heart for KIDS and a passion for teaching and learning.

"Slate Sessions" are Chalkboard Ch@t bonus episodes where educators from across the U.S. offer tools, tips and beneficial practices. If you or anyone you know is a teacher, professor or childcare provider and would like to be featured on a future “Slate Sessions” episode, email the show host at

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