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COVID Learning Loss & MDE 2020-21 End-of-Course Assessments Waiver

Season 1, Ep. 9

Join the Ch@t! Listen-in as I chat with Dr. Nathan Oakley, Chief Academic Officer with the Mississippi Department of Education about "Mississippi Succeeds - Maintaining Momentum through COVID-19", an MDE presentation for the recommendation of waiving the passing requirements for statewide 3rd grade reading and high school end-of-course assessments for the 2020-21 school year. I also chat with Dr. Esther Wojcicki, a repeat TED Talks presenter and retired educator from Palo Alto High School in Palo Alto, CA, in addition to Dr. Joseph Atman, educator and Executive Director of Middle Tree Education Center in Claremont, CA, about what is COVID learning loss and ways to combat this specific loss of knowledge. For more information about Chalkboard Ch@t visit:

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