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Slate Session 404: Nadiya Gary - Birdie Talk

Chirp! Chirp! is the sound Nadiya Gary hears often at home. Nadiya, an Ocean Springs Middle School student from Mississippi, has taken on the joy and challenges of being a pet bird owner to two birds.

Dr. Tara Y. Wren talks to Nadiya about her flying friends.

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  • Boys & Girls Club of Central Mississippi

    Tune in as Naomi Jackson, President and CEO of the Boys and Girls Club of Central Mississippi, talks about the positive impact of the organization. Together, Dr. Tara Y. Wren and Mrs. Jackson discuss the programs and services offered through the Boys and Girls Club of Central Mississippi and how students grow and learn in a variety of ways because of it.
  • Lieutenant Governor Delbert Hosemann: Senate Page Program

    MS Lieutenant Governor, Delbert Hosemann discusses the Senate Page Program, which gives students the chance to learn firsthand about the inner workings of our government. Listen in as he and Dr. Tara Y. Wren talk about the valuable experience gained from the program and how it allows bright young minds to step into the heart of the legislative process.If you would like to visit Lieutenant Governor Hosemann's website, click: Delbert Hosemann | Lieutenant Governor | Mississippi (
  • MPB's Student Council

    Tune in as Jasmine Harvey, Mississippi Public Broadcasting's Student Engagement Specialist, talks about leading the MPB Student Council, as well as the MPB Student Council Podcast. Students in the MPB Council gain valuable experience through their various community projects and leading their thoughtful discussions on their podcast episodes. Together, Dr. Tara Y. Wren and Ms. Harvey discuss the importance of the MPB Student Council and how it has not only positively impacted students, but also their respective communities.
  • MDE's Student Advisory Council

    Tune in as Shanderia Minor, the Public Information Officer for the Mississippi Department of Education, talks about leading MDE's Student Advisory Council. Students in the Advisory Council provide much-needed feedback on their experience with public schools in Mississippi. Together, Dr. Tara Y. Wren and Mrs. Minor discuss the importance of the students' voices and how they will influence the future of Mississippi public education.MDE is taking applications now through September 8.
  • Mississippi Secretary of State Michael Watson Talks About His Student Ambassador Program

    Secretary of State Michael Watson talks about his Student Ambassador Program, a group he created to cultivate public servants and the next generation of leaders. Listen as he talks about how important it is to give back to the community and why he believes investing in students today is invaluable to the economic sustainability of Mississippi.If you would like to visit Secretary Watson's website, click: Home | Michael Watson Secretary of state (
  • "Student Groups Across Mississippi" Promo

    Join Dr. Tara Y. Wren in this special series, as she interviews our state and business leaders who host student groups throughout Mississippi. These special groups help students develop crucial leadership skills, spark an entrepreneurial mindset, and engage with diverse groups of people.Be sure to share with a student in your life, they may want to join one of these groups as well!
  • Behind the Scenes: MPB Summer Learning Family Fun Day 2023

    Each summer, MPB ‘s education department hosts Summer Learning Family Fun Day to help encourage learning all summer long. This year’s event on June 19, 2023, included 33 education and health vendors. There were activities at each vendor table, books for students, and many resources provided for parents. Plus, a visit from PBS’ Alma of Alma’s Way and MPB’s very own Ed Said put a smile on many faces. In addition, attendees enjoyed face painting and a live show from Move2Learn. There was lots of fun and learning going on. In this episode, guest host Germaine Flood, talks to some vendors and visitors about their experience.This episode features the following vendors: The Literacy Center, Mississippi Arts + Entertainment Experience Mind in the Making, Mississippi Smiles Dentistry, Hattiesburg Zoo, Mississippi Aquarium, Mississippi Library Commission, Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, Mississippi Children's Way, Canopy Children's Solutions. For more information about Chalkboard Ch@t visit: Chalkboard Ch@t (
  • Summer Learning Family Fun Day: What to Expect

    Summer Learning Family Fun Day 2023 happens Saturday, June 17 at the Jackson Convention Complex from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. There are nearly 40 booths that families can visit to gather great information and fun activities for summer learning. Listen in on this podcast as attendees to last year’s event talk about their experience. We hope you will come and join the fun learning experience!
  • The Mississippi Military Star School Program (with Ms. Wendy Clemons and Ms. Tammy Crosetti)

    The Mississippi Military Star School program focuses on ensuring children in military families are supported. These children often face high levels of stress and unique challenges tied to their parent(s) being deployed, moving frequently to a new school, adjusting to new teachers, and balancing new social interactions, among other things. Governor Tate Reeves, through Executive Order 1561, directed the Mississippi Department of Education to create and administer this program. Ms. Wendy Clemons and Ms. Tammy Crosetti from MDE share information about how the program works and what a school needs to do to become a Military Star school.